Better Business

EPE Innovations was founded by an entrepreneurial group of PhDs in Engineering and Computer Science, who recognized what innovative advanced analytics could do for enterprises, both large and small. In every industry, we recognize that there is a need to…

Collect & Analyze Data

Maximize the value of your data by turning it into actionable information.

Analyze & Assess Risks

Improve critical performance metrics to positively impact revenue and other outcomes.

Anticipate & Shape Events

Analyze this information to gain insights and provide support for their decisions.

Our Mission

Engineering drives our company, and innovation is not just encouraged — it’s expected! We thrive on a culture of collaboration and respect which allows us to engineer customized solutions to business challenges by leveraging the power of information. We accomplish extraordinary results through our belief in empowering our team members and clients with the support and products needed to solve complex problems and maximize results. We are EPE Innovations, a software development and data analytics consulting company.





EPE stands for

Application Development

At our core, EPE is a technology consulting company with expertise in C#/.NET, Java/JavaScript, Web APIs, and Microsoft Technology Stack.

Microsoft Solutions

Our experts will help establish a framework for delivering information for your business with technology services and solutions through Microsoft.

Business Intelligence

Every business and every industry is facing the same decade-long trend: an increasing volume of both structured and unstructured data from an increasing number of sources.

Artificial Intelligence

an Integral support system for business efficiency

Bots have become an integral support system for business efficiency by providing a personalized approach to customer support. EPE’s InnoBot can be integrated into a messaging application, website, or software providing 24/7 convenience and support. InnoBot makes the process of getting answers or filling out forms more agreeable through the use of natural language and deep-diving into your knowledge base to provide intelligent answers. Not sure how to get started?

Custom Visualizations

transform your data into meaningful visuals

Our experienced Power BI team will design an initial data model using your own data to bring you powerful insights that will help you meet your goals and add value to your company. Schedule a meeting with us today to determine the requirements for a Power BI proof of concept and create a roadmap of the next steps for implementation.