EPE Core

EPE is a technology consulting company with expertise in C#/.NET, Java, JavaScript, Web APIs, and Microsoft Technology Stack, as evidenced by the number and diverse set of Qlik, MicroStrategy, Tableau and Power BI extensions we have created for our clients.

Self-Service Bots

an integral support system for business efficiency

Bots have become an integral support system for business efficiency by providing a personalized approach to customer support. EPE’s InnoBot can be integrated into a messaging application, website, or software providing 24/7 convenience and support. InnoBot makes the process of getting answers or filling out forms more agreeable through the use of natural language and deep-diving into your knowledge base to provide intelligent answers. Not sure how to get started? An EPE Intelligence Team will be happy to assist you in classifying your knowledge base, managing terminology and phrase variations for algorithm training, and ranking responses.