Every business and every industry is facing the same decade-long trend: an increasing volume of both structured and unstructured data from an increasing number of sources.

Overwhelming amounts of data are being produced as businesses make the shift to digital platforms that provide them with the efficiency of automation and the convenience of accessibility.  Data from these digital business processes along with data collected from the Internet of Things (IoT) and social media is rendered useless unless businesses know how to use the data collected. This abundance of data can be profitable for businesses if they can manage the data and deliver actionable insights through guided analysis and reporting. Businesses must establish a data-centric and evidence-based business culture to compete in today’s market.

Most enterprises have a diverse and varying set of analytical and BI needs, based on the depth, subject, volume and structure of the data used, business processes, and the types of BI users.

At EPE, business intelligence is our core competence.